This spring splash is deliciously fresh and crisp. No alcohol. Ha! Just Kidding. What I meant to say was this drink is just as delicious without the vodka…so it’s your call.) Just five simple ingredients and some ice. Here’s how to make it. So simple it’s crazy.


Ginger Ale

1 Lemon or bottled lemon juice. (Save additional lemon slices for garnish).

Four fresh mint leaves, chopped, plus extra sprigs for garnish



(optional: a smidge, and I mean a SMIDGE of pureed ginger paste that you can find in the produce section.)

Using a slice of the lemon, rub some of the inside along the rim of a 12 to 16 ounce glass.
Dip the lemon-coated rim of the glass into a small dish of sugar.
Fill the glass with ice.

(Note: If you have a cocktail shaker, it’s great to blend the upcoming ingredients that way, but in truth you can just make this right in the glass and use a spoon to stir it.)
Into the glass, combine:
-the juice of one lemon (or two to three tablespoons of bottled lemon juice)
-1 teaspoon sugar
-the crushed mint
Fill the remainder of the glass with ginger ale and stir.
Garnish with lemon slice and a sprig of mint if desired.