Some of my best meals are spent with (and prepared by) my friend Ouma. She has a talent for simple combinations of flavors with delicious results. She continues to be a food inspiration to me!

This summer peach and tomato salad with mint, thrown together effortlessly by Ouma, is a wonderful example of delicious flavors coming together in a simple, delicious way. It’s easy to prepare, and it’s synonymous with summer! The recipe for this salad is as simple as looking at the photo: Equal parts tomato and peach. Toss with a light splash of balsamic and a touch of olive oil. Add sald and pepper to taste. Top off with fresh mint. You’re done! If at all possible, get your fruits from a farmer’s market or farm produce stand. Without fail, I find tomatoes the most flavorful when they’re not from the grocery store. They’re delightfully imperfect in their look and beyond perfection in their flavor. There are endless ways to adapt this to your own taste. Add fresh mozzarella and suddenly you have a new take on an Insalata salad. Fresh sweet corn, cut right off the cob, is another fresh addition. But truthfully, this recipe doesn’t need a thing! Try it for a fresh taste of summer! You’ll be seeing more from Ouma’s own arsenal of delicious recipes here soon! For more food, cocktail, home and pop culture (yes, it’s an eclectic mix!) follow @BrianBalthazar on twitter!

Tomato Peach Salad Recipe